Fr. Martin’s Guidance

March 11, 2010

As is the custom at America Magazine we have been advised that Fr. Martin SJ has a new book out: The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything, or what I like to describe as, The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything but Obedience. Not by accident does Fr. Martin treat as his subjects the lives of the Saints. The Saints are intended to provide cover for what can only be understood as homosexual activism and the promotion of the “gay culture”. Invoking the names of the Saints to provide cover for his dissent? I don’t know what could possibly be more morally reprehensible. Not by accident is Fr. Martin the “culture editor” at America Magazine. His mission is to shape the “culture” of the Church by way of indoctrinating the unsuspecting with views antithetical to the teachings of the Church. I am reminded of boys who throw firecrackers and then run lest they be caught. An example of this is his recent post about the lesbian couple whose child was denied admission to a parochial school in Colorado. He asks these questions:

“The parish and archdiocese are within their rights not to admit children from families that are “in open discord with Catholic teaching in areas of faith and morals.” So do the same rules apply to a child of parents who in similar discord? That is, the child of a single, divorced parent? To a child of divorced and remarried parents? To a child of a single, unmarried mother? To a child of a parent who commits adultery? To a child of a parent who uses birth control? To a child of a parent who steals from his company? To a child of a parent who fails to forgive his neighbor? To a child of a parent who fails to care for the poor? To a child of any parent who sins? They too would be in “open discord.”

Within short order of posting such a piece, the reader in inevitably drawn to a post regarding the Saints, in this case, we have a long post about his new book, accompanied by a picture of St. Ignatius. Most people do not seem on to the game. The mistake of hubris is always to assume that one is so clever that no one could possibly understand its modus operandi. It is the frequent error of common thieves. Unfortunately for the thief, not every one at the precinct is an intellectual cretin. Inarguably, Fr. Martin is charming, witty, engaging and most likable, but then, so too was Lucifer. This is precisely what renders him particularly dangerous. His dissent leads others into sin. He confirms others in their sin. Someone needs to call this by its name: scandal. And someone needs to rein him in.

Maria H. Byrd


James Martin, S. J. is a hell of sport

March 4, 2010

Sports fans are getting some advice from James Martin, S.J. .

The moral of Martin’s analogy?

The sport of seating yourself in the midst of souls trying to make their way to Heaven and disorienting them with falsehoods and lies should be less confrontational as they continue on with their game.

I posted the following comment:

Is it me, or is this post suggesting that false prophets bringing false teachings, thereby leading people into temptation and sin – and ultimately the loss of salvation – avoid booing those teaching the Catechism?

The only role of a priest is the salvation of the soul of people who cross his path. Yet, the blog posts on this blog repeatedly bait people away from salvation. You vascillate between acting like a disinterested observer and posting entries that twist the doctrine iinto the enemy of personal sexual freedom and killing unborn children (and sick and suffering people) at will.

Now, you post this to imply to those misleading souls should play nicely as they go about their business of pecking at the Body of Christ like vultures.

Are you serious?

Bloggers like Elizabeth Scalia are doing a terrible disservice to the souls being misled with false teachings when they ratify James Martin as somebody who is teaching the authentic faith. They’re also doing a terrible disservice to a priest who has lost his way.

It’s akin to being out in the public square characterizing your next door neighbor supplying pornography and crack pipes to teenagers as a virtuous youth minister and encouraging parents to drop their kids off at his house.

In fact, it’s worse. There is nothing that anyone could do to the body that comes anywhere near the evil of misguiding a soul.

This is the kind of charity you see in hell.

Gotta kick love for Christ up a few notches.

Francis X Looney, S.J.: Tamil Love III, to love God Body and Soul like Antal

March 3, 2010

“It is the month of Markali / the moon is full and the day auspicious. / Come to bathe / you precious girls, richly adorned / dear to Ayarpati, / land of abounding prosperity. / The son of Nandagopa / fierce with his sharp spear, / the youthful lion-cub of Yasoda / woman of matchless eyes, / dark-hued and lotus eyed / his face, is both the sun and the moon / that Narayana alone can give us the parai-drum. / Undertake this vow / And the whole world will rejoice. / el or empavay.”

Eat your heart out Divine Praises.

Who needs the Pieta and the generous deposit of Christian images to reflect upon when you have this…um..woman with the tail of a serpent.

Hello? Anyone home???

We are learning many things by reading these lovely, powerful songs, and have hard but frutiful discussions of how to read mystical poetry, how to learn from it critically, with a sense of historical and cultural difference, with a critical eye toward gender sterotypes — and yet with open hearts.

End of Life’s Persistent Dilemmas: It’s all Kill ’em when they’r sick at America Magazine

March 3, 2010

You know, there’s nothing like a group of Catholic lay people and priests who sell killing sick people.

Gives you that special feeling inside to know these people want to be the arbiters of who gets medical services.

Kevin Clarke writes:

“The stories suggest that, despite the bishop’s recent attempts to clarify this specific end-of-life question, Catholic families, their doctors and staff at Catholic institutions are going to continue to grapple with practically and lovingly interpreting church teaching when confronted personally by these difficult questions.”

Nothing new here.  Grappling with the commandments has been around since Adam and Eve.

It’s explicitlly been stated that withdrawing food and water from sick relatives violates the commandment against killing people.

A grapple is when you have access to the truth and you fight against it.   If at the end of our grapples, we violate Church teaching, it’s a mortal sin.   Mortal sins keep us out of heaven.

This is why Christ said that few will make it into Heaven.

Here’s some advice from a wise and counseled individual:

Let the wicked still act wickedly, and the filthy still be filthy. The righteous must still do right, and the holy still be holy.”
“Behold, I am coming soon. I bring with me the recompense I will give to each according to his deeds.
I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” 8
Blessed are they who wash their robes so as to have the right to the tree of life and enter the city 9 through its gates.
Outside are the dogs, the sorcerers, the unchaste, the murderers, the idol-worshipers, and all who love and practice deceit.
“I, Jesus, sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the root and offspring of David, 10 the bright morning star.”
The Spirit and the bride 11 say, “Come.” Let the hearer say, “Come.” Let the one who thirsts come forward, and the one who wants it receive the gift of life-giving water.
I warn everyone who hears the prophetic words in this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book,
and if anyone takes away from the words in this prophetic book, God will take away his share in the tree of life and in the holy city described in this book.
12 The one who gives this testimony says, “Yes, I am coming soon.” Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!

Who is Michael Sean Winters? What is his shtick?

February 27, 2010

In this post, Michael Sean Winters tries to get people to believe if Domino’s delivers pizza to Planned Parenthood, this is akin to the Catholic Conference of Bishops giving money to fund groups promoting abortions.

What is the reasoning behind the Jesuits at America Magazine hiring this man?

I don’t get it.

Michael Sean Winters’ Nutty Analogy

February 26, 2010

In this post,  Michael Sean Winters tries to get people to believe if Domino’s delivers pizza to Planned Parenthood, this is akin to the Catholic Conference of Bishops giving money to fund groups promoting abortions.

I see what he’s saying.

The waitress at Bickfords who served who serve the Taliban is the same level of cooperation with evil as the people funding their weapons of mass destruction.

This is enlightening.

What Homeland Security should do is shut down the restaurants in airports.

Why didn’t we think of this before?

Is this nutty or disingenuous.

I can’t tell.

If it’s nutty, they seem to be breeding idiots in the com boxes.

Do you think there’s enough testosterone there to make the same analogy if the USCCB were funding Nazi sympathizers?

I loathe intellectual dishonesty.

Anthony De Mello:Be Aware! Be Alive! Be in love!

February 26, 2010

In the custom of the Jesuits:   Be anything but in the confessional.

Thinking of Lent and its theme of repentance, I was taken by De Mello’s treatment of the first week of The Spiritual Exercises. He asserts: “Repentance would be better defined not by saying ‘O My God, I am sorry for my sins’ but rather by this: ‘O my God, I love you with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul.’”

Love means never having to say you’re sorry tripe.

De Mello trenchantly reminds us: “Most of us suffer in the spiritual life because we do not accept ourselves. Maybe this is the biggest obstacle to the spiritual life. We cannot see our own beauty or our own power, unless we see it against the backdrop of God’s loving us.”  Toward the end of his reflections, De Mello urges those entering The Spiritual Exercises (or, more generally, Ignatian spirituality which, like The Exercises, is about spiritual freedom; loving God deeply; moving from sin to joining Jesus in working to bring about God’s kingdom) to adapt the following attitude: “Let the Spirit work. Stop straining your spiritual muscles. Become attuned to your deeper self and let the force of life take over. Let the Holy Spirit take over.” I suppose, in one sense, The Spiritual Exercises, much like the Alcoholic Anonymous Program, moves us, in various exercises, reflections and challenges to: “Let Go and Let God!”

What is tragic, if not pathetic, is the long line of Jesuits in the comments section who go after a poster who links the guidance of the CDF on DeMello.

I cannot imagine being so entrenched in sin as to be this deaf, dumb and blind.

America Magazine, Heretical Minds Find a Home

February 21, 2010

The New Oxford Review has a revealing post on the former (Vatican removed) editor of America Magazine Thomas Reese, The Heretical Mind Finds a Home.

The author had the misfortune of experiencing Thomas Reese.

Among other things, Reese referred to St. Paul’s passage that women obey their husbands and husbands respect their wives as “stupid”.

Fr. Reese and his liberal audience were of one mind. But his implicit message as he continued was that we have our work cut out if we are to keep on watering down the faith. The Pope is a conservative, as are many of the younger bishops….

In the question period Fr. Reese was asked who among the bishops seemed, well, more promising. Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona, is the leading liberal hope, and “in the Bernardin mold,” Fr. Reese replied. Currently he is vice president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Reese said later that Bishop Kicanas would be “a real coup for Milwaukee,” as a replacement for Archbishop Dolan, who was promoted to New York.

I recently found my way over to “America Magazine” in a “USCCB” “John Carr” google search.

At first, I couldn’t put my finger on why I found it more disturbing than the National Catholic Reporter.     After a week or so of reading, I got a clearer picture.

There’s a good summary of the essence of what they’re doing at America Magazine near the end of the NOR piece on Reese:

Fr. Reese illustrates the heretical mind in action. I was reminded once again that the heretic is almost always a more dangerous adversary of the Church than the outright atheist. Most atheists pay little attention to the Church. They think religion is nonsense but they don’t usually mind because they know they are free to ignore it. Many of them also think that religion is harmless, although that is now changing with the coming of Islamist terror.

The heretic, in contrast, is interested in Church doctrine and wants to change it. He tampers with texts, nibbles away at doctrine, changes wording wherever he can. We have seen how successful the heretical mind has been in recent decades. The goal has been to water everything down — to “add too much water to the wine,” as African cardinal Francis Arinze put it a few years ago…

The heretical mind is imbued not with a disbelief in God but with a resentment of God; and what the heretic resents is that God made the world in one particular way rather than another.

America Magazine actually posts to incite others resent Christ’s Church (and anyone teaching It’s tenets).

For instance, in this subtle antithesis to the USCCB funding proaborts at CCHD:

“Who’s funding the Apostolic Visitation” (which of course links back to none other than National Catholic Reporter rag.

And the scandal over wh0’s funding to correct dissent by religious would be….what?

Be sure to check out the incited malice against Christ’s Church in the comments section here.

This post by James Martin,S.J., is typical of the subterfuge they plant to confirm their readers in their sins.

“Welcome to the Cafeteria, EWTN”

“Liberal” Catholics are often said to twist the church’s teaching (or disregard it completely) to suit their own needs–particularly on matters of sexuality and church authority.  (We are sometimes accused of that here at America, and on this blog.) …For a recent example of the Cafeteria Catholic on the right, witness EWTN’s offering a very friendly airing of the views of a person who supports torture–or at least the “enhanced” interrogation techniques–that have been thoroughly discredited, as well as roundly condemned by the church.

First of all as others have pointed out across the internet, there is nothing in any Catholic doctrine that defines dripping water as “torture” and therefore Mark Thiessien (and many other Catholics) are not holding positions contrary to the Catholic religion if they support waterboarding.

To dishonor men and women defending our country in the military when these same “men” support decapitating infants in the womb alive is:

1. Hairbrained.

2. Despicable.

They will rail against dripping water on

More importantly, with all the indignity and fuss, there were only three terrorists who were waterboarded.

And, I ask you, what kind of spineless “men” would prefer thousands of American women, children and their countrymen be “tortured” in an act of terrorism to getting information to stop it by dripping water on their heads until they cry uncle?

Another coward takes a pot shot on America Magazine here.

The characters at America Magazine are going beyond dissent.  They’re even going beyond baiting and trapping others into sin.   They are igniting malice against Christ’s Church .

If clarity comes from the Vatican about dripping water on terrorists, it will be another story but as of right now, the Jesuits, National Catholic Reporter types can’t feel any better about crawling between the sheets outside of the Sacrament of Marriage than they did before Thiessien’s interview.

Michael Sean Winters: Race & Abortion

February 15, 2010

Michael Sean Winters starts his post, thus:

“A controversy is brewing over a series of billboards in Georgia that link abortion and race.”

Winters zeros in on Spelman College professor Beverly Guy-Sheftall quote in an AP article. “Many black people don’t know who Margaret Sanger is and could care less.”

This doesn’t sound rational to me, but I suppose reasonable people can disagree over conjecture about whether black women would be interested in the Klu Klux Klan “eliminate the undesirables” history of Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood.

But, isn’t it moot?

Why not get the facts, statistics and information out there and let everyone decide for themselves?

The statistics demonstrate that Planned Parenthood aborts 2-3X more black children than they do any other race.

With that kind of context their mission statement and history I should think would be very interesting to the black community.

Winter continues:

“First, if we have learned anything in the past almost forty years since Roe it is that a pro-life strategy that is “one-issue” is bound to fail”, Winter’s writes.”

But in reality, pro-lifers work to educate other Catholics on a large range of issues. The Liturgy, moral theology, poverty, affordable housing, just war, death penalty, art, literature, music and the family — thse are a small number of “issues” being discussed in the public square by pro-lifers.

Of course, there are several projects that focus mainly on the constitutional right to life for the unborn, just as there are several projects that focus mainly on serving the poor.

What is his beef?

I searched “America Magazine” website to find “Catholic Charities” as a “one issue” project that is bound to fail because they only focus on clothing and feeding the poor and came up empty.

Why do you suppose that is?

Finally, Winters gets to his proabortion rights mythology:

“And, conservatives have much to think about when they ponder these billboards in Georgia. Just what do they know about the difficulties and challenges that face black America? Do they recognize that their invocations of Ronald Reagan’s name as if we was some kind of savior, rings hollow in black America, not least because of the race baiting that his campaigns entailed, the references to “welfare queens” and the like, but because he launched a new economic era in which the rich continue to get richer and the poor to get poorer, and America remains too selfish to recognize that we need to pay more, not less, in taxes if we are to maintain the standards of living which our forbears gave to us. Conservatives have to recognize that as long as this country does not treat health care as a universal right, as an entitlement, poor black women (and poor white women and poor Latina women) will get $400 abortions because they can’t afford the $10,000 it costs to give birth in America today. Health care is pro-life too, my conservative friends, and it will take more than tort reform to help poor women to keep their children.”

“Conservatives” know “plenty” about the plight of the poor. Statistics about personal contributions to the poor out of our own “pockets” puts “liberals” to shame.

Women don’t need a few hundred more dollars in their welfare check. And, every woman in this country who cannot afford to deliver a child is given the care they need. That’s not the problem.

It takes over 50,000 a year to provide a child with decent housing, food, clothes, transportation and essentials for living. Unless we’re going to provide them that kind of money in their welfare check, we’ve been offering them the wrong solutions.

Poor and middle class women need men like Winters to stop lobbying for more welfare and instead be responsible fathers and husbands.

Testosterone-driven cries for welfare has been a cop-out for years, an excuse to continue to indoctrinate young girls into promiscuity, abortion and welfare.

Women need to be taught how to recognize a promiscuous and shallow man who just wants to get into their pants from one who loves them and will be a devoted and responsible partner to any child born in their relationship.

Lastly, this country has spoken on the “universal right” to socialize medicine in the United States.

It isn’t pro-life to siphon away money and care from the sick, suffering, elderly and the poor – it is pro-death.

Men need to dig into their own wallets and take responsibility for the children they father.